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Holistic Health


The human being is alive, dynamic and much more than a mere collection of physical parts.  There are physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. As a Holistic practitioner, I view the human as a mind, body, spirit complex that has an innate ability to heal


Holistic healing acknowledges that there is a vitalistic principle behind and encompassing any physical object.  For the human body this means that the physical body is merely the outer manifestation of an inner energetic state, sometimes called the life force, chi or prana.  Any changes in that inner state are reflected in the physical body and changes in the physical body can affect the inner energetic state.  Holistic practitioners believe that aiding the distressed inner state or vital force, encourages rapid self-healing.


Since the whole person is a manifestation of their innermost energetic condition, the only way in which true balance can be achieved is by changing that energetic condition.


Holistic treatment is not symptomatic, the cause of imbalance must always be addressed.  In analyzing disorders all parts and aspects of the individual must be taken into account.  Holisitc practitioners also recognize that individuals express unique personal patterns of dis-ease.


Holistic healing systems believe that health is freedom from the limitations of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual activity.  On the physical level this means there is no restriction of physical activity.  On the emotional level it means the individual is happy and well balanced emotionally.  On the mental and spiritual plane this means thoughts are clear and awareness is unrestricted.  When the physical body and the spirit are aligned, health, self-realization and self-development are ongoing. 


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