Bougainvillea relaxes the body and deepens our breathing, encouraging feelings of peace and ease. By provoking self-reflection and inner listening, crisis is met with stillness and non-reactivity.


Harmonizing Qualities

-relaxes and slows down the body especially through relaxing and deepening the breathing

-calms the mind, allowing self-reflection and inner listening

-helps us find peace and ease in the face of hardship or crisis through inward stillness and non-reactivity

-facilitates an easiness with feeling grief and sadness, helping sadness to be felt without suffering


Patterns of Imbalance

-agitation or nervousness especially accompanied by shallow breathing or a spastic diaphragm

-feeling uninspired

-creativity blocked or not flowing in a natural way

-suffering with grief

(Desert Alchemy)

Bougainvillea Flower Essence

1 Fluid ounce