Flower of the rue plant, organic cane alcohol, distilled water. 



Rue has been used for hundreds of years, by many cultures, as a protective plant ally. Rue is known to cleanse low vibrational energies from your physical, psychic, energetic, and astral space. Use this essence when you are needing to reconnect with your soul's willpower and discard any negative energetic residue. For spiritual protection, especially for the psychic realms; gives protection and insight when somebody tries to absorb your energies, by spiritual influence or disturbance, especially in the area of the crown chakra and the line of the connection with the higher self. Gives insights into old deep hidden fears. Gives more strength to act out of feeling in the world.


Aura: fills the aura with light. 

Awareness: of not yet cleared old physical complaints. 

Deal with: old fears from your childhood.


Key words for rue: Queen of herbs, Herb of grace, Remembrance, Protection, Dispel illusions, Learning, Discernment, Illuminating, Grandma sweet and stern


Suggested Dosage:

Take spirit doses as needed

Rue Flower Essence