Adaptogen Elixir

Golden Dragon Fire Cider

Elderberry Fire Cider

Tree Medicine Elixir

Spring Cleansing Glycerite

Belly Bitters

Nervine Love & Support

Grindelia Tincture

Vitex Tincture

Earth Warrior Elixir

Tea Blends

Redwood Chai

Balancing and Vitality Tea

Nervine Support

Sweet Dreams Relax Me Tea

Free Flow

Forrest Friends

Winter Wellness 

Lungs of Light 


Herbal Syrups

Immunity & Respiratory Syrup

Yellowdock Iron Syrup

Astragalus Immunity Syrup

Elderberry Echinacea Supa Syrup

Medicina Corazon



Herbal Vapor Rub

Hair Food

All Purpose Comfrey Balm

Bride of the Sun

Shadow Salve

Restoration Pain Salve

Treasured Tetas

Tree Salve

Red Rub Pain Salve

Healing Hemp Salve


Herbal Sea Salt & Spice Blends

Mulling Spices

Herbal Smoking Blends

Visionary Powers

Little Dragon

Lucid Flight

Lungs of Light

From the Terrestrial to the Celestial


Roots from deep in the earth are combined with leaves, petals, seeds, bark, mushrooms and seaweed.  Add  a touch of air and sunshine then the majestic energy of the heavens and we have Star Root Medicine. I created a unique line of handcrafted herbal medicine and natural body care products made exclusively from the highest quality ingredients. Seasonal subscriptions are available through my Handcrafted Herbalism CSA.  Herbal ingredients are organically homegrown or wildcrfated with an offering, permission and gratitude & formulated with healing intention, prayer and Love & Light every time!  

My medicine is seasonal.  Offerings and formulas change depending on what I am growing and harvesting. You can find me & my herbal creations at the Berkeley Farmers market each Tuesday and 1st & 3rd Saturdays.  Sorry I do not ship.  

To order my CSA, email me at


Hemp Skin Food


Herbal Infused Raw Honey

Osha Black Seed Honey


Turmeric Ginger Honey

Superfood Honey


Hypericum Aloe Sunscreen


Cleansing Tooth Powder

Supa Fresh Herbal Tooth Powder


Herbal Deoderant

Geranium Clary Sage

Lavender Chamomile

Romemary Thyme


Bath Salts and Scrubs

Green Forest Salt Soak and Scrub

Protection & Purification Salt Soak & Scrub

Citrus Salt Soak & Scrub

Self Love Salt Soak & Scrub

Lavender Spice Salt Soak & Scrub

One Love Sugar Body Polish

Oshun's Allure Sugar Body Polish


Facial Cleansing Grains

Green goddess Scrub & Mask

Smudge Wands

(Homegrown & Wildcrafted)




White Sage

California Blue Sage

California Sagebrush

Mexican Sagebrush




Mexican Marigold


Incense Blends

Sacred Earth Incense Blend

Herbal Dream Pillows