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From the Terrestrial to the Celestial


Roots from deep in the earth are combined with leaves, petals, seeds, bark, mushrooms and seaweed.  Add  a touch of air and sunshine then the majestic energy of the heavens and we have Star Root Medicine. I created a unique line of handcrafted herbal medicine and natural body care products made exclusively from the highest quality ingredients. Seasonal subscriptions are available through my Handcrafted Herbalism CSA. 

My medicine is seasonal, organically homegrown and ethically wildcrafted, bioregional and handcrafted.  Botanical ingredients are grown and harvested with an offering, permission and gratitude & formulated with healing intention, prayer and Love & Light every time!   


Offerings and formulas change depending on what I am growing and harvesting. You can find me & my herbal creations at the Berkeley Farmers market each Tuesday and 1st & 3rd Saturdays.  Online shop is now OPEN!  


To order my CSA, email me at

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